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How Nut Stash came to be...As a retired teacher of 24 years, not quite ready to REALLY retire, I started experimenting with healthy, wholesome nuts!  I LOVVVVVE love nuts!...all varieties.  So, with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, using only raw, organic, gluten-free ingredients, I finally, after many failed attempts, figured out the perfect combination of wet and dry ingredients to create a Nut Bark!  

I shared my first batch with two special girlfriends and their reaction sparked me to continue my journey!  Taking it a step further, I researched what flavors and combination of nuts would pair with either beer or wine, thinking how nicely they compliment each other.  AND...that is how my five "Standard Stash" flavors came about!

As I shared with family and friends, I received such fun and exciting feedback, but one in particular was repeated over and over..."MMMMM, I'm stashing THIS away!"  So with that said, I felt it appropriate to call it NUT STASH!

When you taste it, there is no sharing involved!  You will find yourself hiding, hoarding, and stashing your favorites!  SOOOO, Cheers to you and "YOUR STASH!"   Enjoy!  

Although I created Nut Stash and never anticipated it going this far, this would have not been possible without my selfless, late, loving parents, Tom and Helen. Because of them, and many compassionate, beautiful people, I feel compelled to give back to a service I am passionate about...I will donate a percentage of each sale to Hospices near and far. 

Let me know if there is one special to you.  

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